“The change that I’ve seen and the growth that I’ve seen in pro bono departments has been so inspiring to me. But that also means that there is always efficiency that is required because they are in charge of pro bono matters for the entire law firm, and so it’s really important for them to have access to their information easily.” – Jessica Stuart

Pro Bono Net’s Senior Product Manager, Jessica Stuart, recently was interviewed on the Pioneers and Pathfinders Podcast, hosted by J. Stephen Poor, chair emeritus of Seyfarth Shaw. Pioneers and Pathfinders is a podcast about the people driving change in the legal industry.¹

In this episode of Pioneers and Pathfinders, Jessica discusses how she transitioned from doing marketing in the entertainment industry to working her way to her current position of Senior Product Manager at Pro Bono Net. Jessica also discusses the growth and evolution of Pro Bono Net, the power of virtual courtrooms to increase access to justice, pro bono workflow analysis, and how SeyfarthLean was an early inspiration.²

Jessica is passionate about access to justice, and her motivation has fueled the development of Pro Bono Net’s Pro Bono Manager. For over 10 years, law firms have been using Pro Bono Manager to help them be more effective and increase the impact of their pro bono programs. With a centralized pro bono database at their fingertips, pro bono teams have easy access to the data they need no matter where they are, helping them support the attorneys who conduct valuable pro bono work for communities in need. 

Jessica has also helped lead the platform development and product strategy for Pro Bono Net’s Remote Legal Connect platform. Our Remote Legal Connect technology allows legal services providers, pro bono initiatives, courts, and community partners to rapidly build and manage a legal support program regardless of location. The platform enabled legal services organizations to transform their operations during unprecedented shelter-in-place orders, and stand up new models for statewide assistance. Jessica has been crucial in implementing the development strategy for partnerships with Atlanta Legal Aid Society (Georgia Legal Connect) and Legal Aid of Nebraska (Nebraska Legal Aid Connect).

For more information and to listen to this podcast, visit Seyfarth’s website. For more information on Pro Bono Manager, visit: probono.net/our-work/advocates/pbm and to learn more about Remote Legal Connect, visit: probono.net/programs/rlc.

¹ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pioneers-and-pathfinders/id1558294456 

² https://www.seyfarth.com/news-insights/pioneers-and-pathfinders-jessica-stuart.html