Jillian Theil has been the Training and Field Support Coordinator for Pro Bono Net since 2011. She manages the LSNTAP/PBN Community Training series.



In August, Pro Bono Net and LSNTAP held a webinar in the 2015 LSNTAP Community Training series, “Next Generation Advocacy and Advocate Training Tools.” The training, moderated by Claudia Johnson of Pro Bono Net, covered a new generation of online tools designed to support communities of advocates (lawyers and non-lawyers) that go beyond self-help. Additionally, the webinar explored a new generation of virtual classrooms used to train staff attorneys and volunteers.

Johnson explored how shrinking resources, a better understanding of technology, and utilization of user-centric, collaborative practices has resulted in great legal tech community projects focused on advocacy and advocate training.

Kathy Daniels, of Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut kicked off the presentation by demonstrating her organization’s creation of an online classroom module which provides on-demand training for pro bono attorneys, law students and legal aid clients at LearnTheLaw.org. Courses include applying for a temporary restraining order, changing a child support order and more and help learn about a legal process that may be long or difficult.

Talley Wells of Atlanta Legal Aid Society  next talked about the digital tools available at OlmsteadRights.org for disability rights self-helpers. Talley highlighted the importance of abiding by LSC regulations and goals in providing do-it-yourself resources before covering how self-advocacy materials can be presented strategically on the web in a variety of engaging ways, including video, podcast, photography, social media, and story-telling. Talley also discussed how the site utilized a document assembly tool to create a self-help assessment which can return useful resources, and if appropriate, information on filing a disability rights complaint.

To view the other great tips mentioned on this webinar, be sure to check out materials available on the SWEB Support Site and LSNTAP.org