As summer (sadly) winds down, we want to share our staff’s summer fun with everyone so you can all see what we’re like when we’re not developing poor posture and possibly ruining our long-term vision. Our staff has done everything this summer from concerts close to home to sleeping in airports to weddings! Read on to hear and see (cause, what’s a story without pictures, right?) about our awesome adventures and remember, by the time you’re done, you’ll be about 7.5 minutes closer to the long weekend!

We’ll begin with our dearly departed VISTA, Jon who had a special concert experience:

My family and I went to see James Taylor in concert at Jones Beach in July. My parents raised me on good classic music and so despite the older crowd I had a great time! JT played all of the classics and was really engaging, and the weather was perfect/the setting beautiful. Whereas most concerts I’ve been to are loud and active, JT had everyone’s attention and it was remarkably mellow, like a 15,000 person campfire.

James Taylor Concert

The Immigration Advocates Network’s Associate Director, Pat took her family camping and tried to be out in nature as much as possible:

Pamet River

And of course, no summer is complete without a trip and show for the grandparents…

Music for Grandparents

Jillian, our Training and Field Support Coordinator, had some unique dinner partners and decided to indulge in the magic of Star Wars day (so San Francisco of her!). May the Fourth be with you all! She also reports “both the monkeys and the storm troopers were surprisingly civil.”



Ken, IAN’s Program Coordinator reports on his European adventure:

Yours truly travelled with the hardcore punk band Night Birds across Europe, selling their merch, taking photos, and keeping score on a blog. 11 countries in 12 insane days: The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, the U.K., Belgium, and Finland. The band played everywhere from up in the mountains of Slovenia, down to an old cellar in the heart of Paris.


Ken also snapped a selfie with Europe’s largest waterfall in Switzerland:

Europe's largest waterfall, Switzerland

Claudia the LawHelp Interactive Program Manager and inveterate hiker went on the grand old summer tradition of fruit picking!

Cherry Tree

Jessica, our Product Manager took a trip to Lye Brook Falls, Vermont and went chasing waterfalls:


This Monday we had our staff outing. PBN New York relaxed on the beach and PBN San Francisco took a tram tour (!!!) of Angel Island and took some amazing pictures. Here is PBN NY taking long and thoughtful strolls on the beach (look at those picture perfect foot prints!):

PBN NY on the Beach

And here is PBN SF with a background that almost makes me want to move out to California (though honestly the biggest draw for this carnivore would be In-N-Out):


And now to end this post with what I know you all really want to see: weddings! Mirenda, the LawHelp Interactive Coordinator, emailed me a short summary of her summer:

Hey Jake,

I got married this summer and plan on living happily ever after.

The end,


Mirenda's Wedding

Finally, Karin our Development Officer and one of my two direct supervisors gets to close out our summer with her wedding in CT!

Karin's Wedding