The Immigration Advocates Network, Pro Bono Net, and partners invite you to participate in our national survey before February 28th, 2021. We are collecting and updating data, during the pandemic, from staff at nonprofit and pro bono projects. Our survey asks:

  • How organizations are using technology to connect people to legal services;
  • What barriers and challenges exist when providing offsite legal information or services;
  • What programs and tools have been the most effective;
  • How national networks and organizations can help the field develop and deliver remote legal support; and more. 

Two years ago we conducted a similar survey to the field and published the results in the first edition of the Remote Legal Support Guide. The guide was downloaded more than 3,500 times. It provided program profiles and tips for leveraging technology, including strategies to improve access to justice and helped providers reach rural and underserved areas.  The Immigration Advocates Network and our partners in the field used the results to   offer training webinars, answer questions, and provide additional support to the field.

Due to COVID-19, the field has changed and evolved: remote legal support is now the norm. This makes updates to the data and the guide more important than ever. By filling out this survey, you can help us reach more people in a time when remote legal support is needed most.