The senseless and tragic police killing of George Floyd was yet the latest episode in a long legacy of  pervasive violence our society has countenanced against Black Americans.  Witnessing the events of recent days, together with the profound and disproportionate impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on communities of color, our hearts are with those who have lost loved ones or live in fear for their health and safety each day.

Pro Bono Net’s mission is to bring the power of the law to all. Yet we know that systemic racism, a lack of fairness and the unjust application of laws contribute to the pain and outrage we see expressed during marches and demonstrations in communities across the country.

As an organization committed to justice, we can and will do more. For the rule of law to continue as a bedrock of our democracy, our justice institutions need to be accessible, fair, transparent, and responsive to the needs and lived realities of the communities they serve. Moreover, our own work and strategies need to be rooted in equity, inclusion, care, and a renewed commitment to the most vulnerable among us.

How we respond to these challenges  — as organizations and individuals committed to equal justice – will be of great consequence moving forward. We stand with those peacefully challenging injustice in the streets, demanding change, and working to envision and build the more just future we know is possible.